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Daytrading means selling and buying stocks and shares in an exceedingly short timescale, occasionally only seconds. All trades when daytrading occur inside one market session ( so stocks are never held overnite, for instance ). There are several systems used to daytrade, and most are not terribly successful. Actually the sole system which has shown consistent success in daytrading is the one utilised by market experts:-

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Stock Trading

The following sort of trading is stocktrading. AKA swing trading, this technique involves purchasing and holding stocks for 1 or 2 days at a time to catch mid length market moves. Securities dealing, while not quite as profitable as day-trading, is also less dangerous and therefore less stressed, and is the reason why many people would prefer it. Understanding what to buy is imperative, as is knowing when to get out and in, and the easiest way to work this out is to let the executives do it for you, which is the reason why most most successful stock-traders employ an adaptation on the following system:-

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Stock Investors such as Warren Buffet hold stocks and shares for the long term, and thus the selection of the right stocks is the most important thing. The current top system has a 85% success rate, and has even won national trading competitions against the best that the Market has to offer. You can get it here:-

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